Welcome to the online appointment system of the SOA policlinic Amsterdam.

You can make an appointment on this page for an STI test and / or sense interview.
Our clinics in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Amsterdam North and Amsterdam West are open for clients under 25 years old.

You are requested to wear a face mask in the GGD building.
We request you to come to the appointment alone.

We would like to ask you urgently NOT to enter the GGD building in case of complaints that may be related to a corona infection but postpone your appointment request.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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You will find more information about the different appointment options below:

We will assess your application according to the criteria that the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) have established to carry out a test.
Your application may lead to an appointment at the STD clinic, but you may also be referred to your GP or another agency.
The questionnaire has been drawn up for all educational levels. Some questions are formulated in everyday language and may therefore come across as direct and confrontational.
For your personal security we do not save your data online. That is why you have to fill in all your data each time you do an application.
Answer the questions as carefully as possible.
Your information will be treated confidentially.
Completing the application takes 5 to 15 minutes.
What is your date of birth?(dd-mm-yyyy)
What was the sex you were registered with at birth?
Do you identify yourself with a different sex than the one you were born with?
What sex do you identify with?
Did you had a sex reassignment surgery (vaginal construction)?
Did you had a sex reassignment surgery (penis construction)?
What is your postal code?(1234 AB)
Why do you want to make an appointment?

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